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Your Being is Original




If your decisions and actions are coming from your mind and not your being then they are superficial answers and are based on the conditionings of the mind. Decisions and actions based on  the conditioned ego-mind are different from those that arise from your inner being.

Your being is original, your trained mind is not! Hence, only actions arising from your innermost being can be of true benefit to yourself and others because in your being you are on the same page as your Inner Knower / the Universe!

As you look deeper inside and continue peeling away the layers of conditionings and fears that block your inner vision, you will begin to see what the Universe is intending for you to do with your skills and abilities.

To Your Being!

With love, ~ Mada

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Find Answers to Your Questions



Find Answers to Your Questions, the first release in the Dalian Method Accelerated Transformation Series, is finally here! I am thrilled that this short 17 minute version can be now used by people to help them quickly find answers to their questions without using their mind!

Use Find Answers to Your Questions for anything; be it health, decisions you must make about school, work, career, relationships, or simple things about your daily life situations or challenges.

Available as a download or on a USB


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Indie Next Generation Awards Finalist

Another recognition for Healing the Body & Awakening Consciousness with the Dalian Method: An Advanced Self-Healing System for a New Humanity as a finalist in the Indie Next Generation Book Awards.

Indie Award-2015


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Do you want to take the blue pill or the red pill?



“Do you want to take the Blue pill or the Red pill? See how powerful the DM is. Society now has the tool!” Victoria Veldhoen, Air Canada Pilot, SHDM Facilitator

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Yet Another Book Award!

Nautilu Award-2015-web


“Healing the Body & Awakening Consciousness with the Dalian Method: An Advanced Self-Healing System for a New Humanity” has received yet another award, this time it is the prestigious  Nautilus Award!  The Living Now Book Award was received earlier this year.

“It is our pleasure to welcome you to the honored and respected group of Nautilus Book Award winners. You can be justly proud of your book’s selection as an Award Winner in the 2015 season, which brought a record-number of entries and a magnificent diversity of high-quality books.

You have written & published a book that carries a powerful message – whether in text or photos – and we are grateful for the opportunity to help promote and celebrate your book by making it visible as a Nautilus Award Winner. We hold the intention with you that your book will find much success with this significant recognition.”

~ Mary Belknap, PhD., Director of Nautilus Book Awards

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Celebrating Love

Celebrating the courageous family of friends and sincere seekers and sharing their growing love and light with whoever is watching this video…

 Screenshot 2016-02-20 21.46.46

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Choose Consciousness at All Costs!

Did you know that most of our technological advances in the past 70 years, starting with the transistors and ending with rockets and cell phones came from crashed and reverse engineered UFOs?

This video is lengthy but very revealing… I suggest watching it in full.

Alas, as long as there are borders, religions, and self-serving governments, all life on this planet is at stake. Many say that the “secret government” made up of the 1% wealth hoarders is planning to thin the human herd by 2/3rds and the time bomb has already started ticking…

For years now the vested interests have been reverse engineering the crashed UFO technology. Though humanity has also greatly benefitted from their technology we must be mindful that the secret fleet of man-made UFOs, some of which have been crashing in test flights, pose a grave risk. They are all standing by for an opportune moment to be instigated as a so-called UFO attack (similar to 9/11) to tighten the reins of control over humanity.

Similar to the advanced Atlantan civilization, which dug its own grave several times before, taking the Lemurian wisdom along with it into the deep waters of the ocean, another round of tests is at hand. Can the small percentage of conscious humans aid the awakening humanity to withstand the forces of fear?

As we are at the verge of history repeating itself, how this is all going to play out depends on each individual taking the courage to transcend their fear of death and attachment to the material reality. Are humans ready to come out of the dark abysmal basement of unconsciousness and embrace the light of consciousness that is at the centre of the Universe and their own being?

I shared in the epilog of my book In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness a vision I had of light beings becoming victorious in the battle of dark verses light forces. Edgar Cacey has been also quoted to have said: “Forces of light on earth shall overcome the forces of darkness. Complete spiritual enlightenment on Earth will occur.”

As we all pass through this difficult time, thanks to those courageous beings who have been working hard to wake up, our history will have a fresh new chapter to be written. Writing this chapter was not possible before now and I celebrate its arrival!

To write this chapter and create the New Earth choose consciousness at all costs and make it your motto. This is how you can save yourself and this beautiful planet from a disaster that is brewing in the shadows…

The genuine ETs are the true cosmic citizens. They have been walking amongst us in human form for a long time. They are here to help humanity evolve not only technologically but also in consciousness. You will know them by their genuine, sincere, and honest actions. You will recognize them by their loving and compassionate hearts.

All the Buddhas of the past and present are here to help in this blessed time of awakening and advancement of human consciousness. We are finally becoming ready to live as a one humanity without borders and self-serving interests. It is up to us to make this Earth a paradise destination within the Universe!

Namaste to the New You and the New Earth 🙂

With love ~ Mada Eliza Dalian

Author and founder of a groundbreaking system of healing and awakening: Healing the Body & Awakening Consciousness with the Dalian Method: An Advanced Self-Healing System for a New Humanity book and 2 CD set

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Are you wired for the upcoming health care evolution?

SHDM logo6.6The old paradigm of health and healing has been undergoing an array of subtle shifts in the past 10 years. To provide a more holistic care to their patients, many traditional (allopathic) health care providers have begun to incorporate alternative modalities into their practice. Simultaneously, and ironically, while they have been taking this important step, the alternative practitioners have been trying to catch up with the wisdom and science of the mystics.

If we are to be re-wired for the upcoming health care evolution that will prevails for hundreds and possibly thousands of years we must incorporate the science of the mystics with the traditional and alternative sciences. Only by taking this crucially important step will we be able to create a radical shift in consciousness and achieve a lasting health and peace that is at the root of our quest for healing, happiness, and enlightenment.

Before we look at this needed paradigm shift in health care it is important to understand the foundation the current system is based on. The traditional education system trains and graduates people as ‘experts’ while completely ignoring the state of personal development of the expert himself. The training, which at its core is based on intellectual understanding of concepts, assumes that if the ‘expert’ has passed their exams successfully they are automatically qualified to know what their patients’ needs are and how to ‘treat’ the issues that are perceived to be a problem.

The traditional education system gives the graduate the power, authority, and responsibility to conclude what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ for the patient. It takes away the power, responsibility, as well as the dignity away from the individual and puts it into the hands of the graduate ‘expert.’ The graduate then knowingly or unknowingly becomes a puppet in the hands of the status quo that created this system of education and accreditation in the first place.

Prescribing a remedy, whether allopathic or alternative, without understanding the patient’s individual journey and the lessons that he/she needs to learn will always yield a limited outcome. To raise health care education to a new more complete and comprehensive state we must include the science of the mystics. We must educate and encourage our experts to simultaneously and sincerely work on their own healing and transformation.

The Self-Healing Dalian Method Facilitators (SHDMF) are professionals who have courageously looked into and worked with their own unconscious fears and limiting beliefs. They are the people, who, in spite of their training with traditional concepts have taken the courage to step out of the ‘norm’ because they have realized that something is fundamentally missing in their institutional education. Instead of receiving and giving ready-made answers these extraordinary pioneers have taken the courage and responsibility to find true answers within themselves and walk their talk with integrity.

What the world needs most at this time is self-healing and self-responsibility. To me, these two components, along with training in self-awareness are essential in the advancement of our education and health care systems. This fundamental understanding and approach in healing and spiritual transformation is what makes the Self-Healing Dalian Method and its facilitators pioneers in creating a fertile foundation for meeting the needs of our evolving humanity.

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What new possibilities 2015 has in store?


Dear Friends and fellow travelers,

Happy 2015 – the Year of Many Opportunities!

This is the year that many people have been waiting and preparing for! It is the year where those who have been sincerely working to sharpen their intelligence and cultivate courage and self-responsibility will be finally ready to let go of the past and reap the rewards! This is the year when many souls will be trans-mutating like caterpillars turning into butterflies. As bringers of a new paradigm shift on earth, they will be starting to build new foundations for the next phase of human evolution. These precious souls will also be the ones who will be taking on the added responsibility of helping others into a new dimension of consciousness. Though this is a difficult phase in our human evolution, it is also the greatest thus far!

Humanity as a whole has never before been ready to live in a higher dimension of consciousness because of its unwillingness to look at and accept what is fleeting and temporary. Because of their fear of survival, many people have allowed themselves to be manipulated and ruled by a few. Those who have been clever, and have learned how to manipulate other people’s fears and greed have conditioned you with fairy tale stories so you keep dreaming for that perfect life or perfect relationship that will take you out of your pain and suffering. By allowing yourself to be manipulated, you have allowed others to control your joy, power, and creativity and turn you into an obedient machine.

The manipulation is done so subtly that you don’t even realize that you are being lied to. The lies have succeeded to appear as truths because you have been conditioned to look outside of yourself for happiness. That perfect partner will solve your problems and will protect you from feeling insecure and alone; that perfect house, car, or designer label will fill your lack of self-confidence; that sought after recognition will fulfill your sense of unworthiness and lack of self-love; and that your religious beliefs will protect you from evil and save you from your fear of death and the unknown.

It is time to open your eyes and wake up to the Truth that is within you! This year is the beginning of breaking down of that thin veil that separates you from the power of your own inner consciousness. The question you need to ask yourself is: “Am I ready to take full responsibility for my own life?”

As we begin to uncover the hidden gifts in this coming year, we must prepare ourselves to live each new moment and the possibilities it brings us fully, without holding anything back!

Here at the Dalian School for Health & Consciousnesswe are beginning the New Year with an exciting new project and we would like to invite you to join us!

This year we would like to expand our Healing into Consciousness Global Family of courageous souls and connect people who have been growing their inner light and expanding their consciousness.

We would like to invite everyone who has been working with me and those who are now finding their way to this beautiful energy field of seekers to join us!

We have lots to share with you about what we are preparing for 2015, and will send you more details in the next newsletter(s). Please stay tuned.

In the meantime, here are a few practical offerings that are around the corner if you feel ready to join us.

Free Public Talk at Wellspring Health in Delta, BC
Sunday, January 18, 1 – 2:30 pm

7 Day Healing into Consciousness Retreat!In the desert at Joshua Tree Retreat Center, CA
March 1-8, 2015

This is a one-of-a kind retreat at Joshua Tree Retreat Center in California and is offered ONCE EVERY TWO YEARS!These seven special days are filled with many opportunities to dig deeper into your unconscious, shed more layers of the baggage you have been carrying, and fast-forward your transformation!Experience deep and practical personal work with Mada from dawn to dusk. Supported by the silence and stillness of the desert and a beautiful company of courageous seekers.Joshua Tree Retreat Center offers something unique that can only be experienced in a desert! If you are ready to explore and enter into a new dimension of reality we would love to have you there!
Only few spots are left. If you are planning to attend, please register without delay to avoid disappointment.

Watch a video clip from last retreat.


For All Upcoming Events See:


With love and blessings!


Mada & Jessica

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Video: Introduction to the Self-Healing Dalian Method

The Dalian Method is a healing modality of the future offered to us today. It is a completely new healing system that is not derived from any other known healing modality. It uses your own consciousness as the Master Key for a quick and permanent healing and transformation. Discover how it can help you in your own life!

Thank you everyone who shared your experiences in this video!

Video: Introduction to the Self-Healing Dalian Method

Order your copy of the Self-Healing book and 2 CD box set at

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Whose life is it anyways?

robin-williamsLike many, when I heard the news about Robin Williams’ suicide I had a pause. This naturally brings up a surprise and sadness and feels like a loss for so many of us whose lives he filled with laughter through his personality and amazing talent. Suicide is one of life’s paradoxes just as happiness and sadness are. We are all faced with these extreme feelings at one time or another in our lives. Life is a paradox, which cannot exist without highs and lows, happiness and sadness. Life cannot exist without the polarity of the opposites. To come out of the paradox of life’s ups and downs we must understand the inevitability of our contradictory feelings, dis-identify from them, and make friends with them. We must be watchful and aware, knowing that if we are feeling happy and high, the lows will be waiting around the corner as a shadow that follows our happiness.

Another point to consider is that when we swing from one side of the pendulum to the other without having a resting place in the middle our spirit gets tired and longs for rest and peace. This is what meditation and spiritual work help us do. However, when someone is not accustomed to finding this silent inner place inside and keeps swinging back and forth to the opposite side of the pendulum, suicidal thoughts become inevitable. At this point the person is really tired and deeply depressed. He has missed seeing that life is just an opportunity for him to learn his lessons and become conscious of his true being.

In my view, suicide is not a mental illness; it is an indication that the person has not found their true inner stillness and peace. Anyone who is capable of feeling the pain and sadness that this earth is surrounded with cannot avoid but to think of the meaninglessness of life and naturally contemplate escaping from its harshness. Unaware of the eternal stillness that can only be found within the unmoving center of his being at any time, in the middle of the chaos of the world and his own mind, he tries to escape from life’s challenges and his own mind to find some peace.

There are more people on the planet today who are feeling depressed than ever before. To me, this shows that we have more intelligent people on the planet now than ever before who recognize that something fundamental is missing in their lives. Only the most sensitive and intelligent people will ever think of suicide. Sadly and unfortunately, they are missing a fundamental understanding that life is but a temporary school where we all come to learn and transform what is unconscious in us into consciousness. In other words, we come here to heal into consciousness!

The pain of seeing how fleeting everything is in life (fame, success, youth, and even love) affects each person differently. Each person handles life’s ups and downs and the many disappointments of loosing what they have been attached to and identified with differently. Various forms of suicidal thoughts happen to many people at one time or another throughout their lives. Some people think about it and some act upon it. I have personally thought of suicide many times when I was younger. But, I also knew that I will not act upon it. What saved me from eventually committing suicide was the need to understand why I was feeling the way I was and the need to know my true Self.

As we become more sophisticated and more intelligent as a species, we must teach our children early on about the temporariness of life and give them a true perspective that we are all mortals and are here only for a limited time. We need to teach them that death is inevitable, and therefore they must make the best out of their lives while they are visiting here and not to take anything for granted. With this new kind of education we can help our children make the most creative choices in their lives and fearlessly live their own unique gifts. We must teach our children to look inside and ask who they truly are, what they are doing there, and where they will go when they die. To me, this is the only way that we can avoid a mass suicide of the most intelligent people on the planet and can transform rampant depression into rampant celebration of life!

In my view, Robin Williams has given a big gift to humanity by taking his own life. He has certainly awoken a sleeping giant. Hopefully humanity and their so-called experts will be smart enough and humble enough not to try and fix this existential symptom of depression and suicide with the outdated tools, which were created by the old socio-religious conditionings. If we want true change we must stop sustaining the old structures of education and stop labeling people, which do not fit into the norm. We must stop feeding our children our own fear and ignorance and have the courage to face and transform our fear of death and the unknown.

By Mada Eliza Dalian – best-selling award-winning author of In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness and Healing the Body & Awakening Consciousness with the Dalian Method: An Advanced Self-Healing System for a New Humanity.

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How Sex and Sexuality tie-in with Intimacy, Love and Spirituality

Mada speaks during a 10 Day Healing into Consciousness Intensive, answering the question “How does sex and sexuality fit within the context of spiritual intimacy, love and desire? How does it tie into this inner work that we’re doing?”

Video: How Sex and Sexuality tie-in with Intimacy, Love and Spirituality

This video was recorded during a Healing into Consciousness Intensive with Eliza Mada Dalian.

Find out more about the next 10 Day Healing into Consciousness Intensive June 6 – 15, 2014 in Vancouver, Canada.


The next 10 Day Healing into Consciousness Intensive  is in Vancouver, Canada from June 6 – 15, 2014

See more information about the Intensive with Mada Eliza Dalian.



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