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Are you wired for the upcoming health care evolution?

SHDM logo6.6The old paradigm of health and healing has been undergoing an array of subtle shifts in the past 10 years. To provide a more holistic care to their patients, many traditional (allopathic) health care providers have begun to incorporate alternative modalities into their practice. Simultaneously, and ironically, while they have been taking this important step, the alternative practitioners have been trying to catch up with the wisdom and science of the mystics.

If we are to be re-wired for the upcoming health care evolution that will prevails for hundreds and possibly thousands of years we must incorporate the science of the mystics with the traditional and alternative sciences. Only by taking this crucially important step will we be able to create a radical shift in consciousness and achieve a lasting health and peace that is at the root of our quest for healing, happiness, and enlightenment.

Before we look at this needed paradigm shift in health care it is important to understand the foundation the current system is based on. The traditional education system trains and graduates people as ‘experts’ while completely ignoring the state of personal development of the expert himself. The training, which at its core is based on intellectual understanding of concepts, assumes that if the ‘expert’ has passed their exams successfully they are automatically qualified to know what their patients’ needs are and how to ‘treat’ the issues that are perceived to be a problem.

The traditional education system gives the graduate the power, authority, and responsibility to conclude what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ for the patient. It takes away the power, responsibility, as well as the dignity away from the individual and puts it into the hands of the graduate ‘expert.’ The graduate then knowingly or unknowingly becomes a puppet in the hands of the status quo that created this system of education and accreditation in the first place.

Prescribing a remedy, whether allopathic or alternative, without understanding the patient’s individual journey and the lessons that he/she needs to learn will always yield a limited outcome. To raise health care education to a new more complete and comprehensive state we must include the science of the mystics. We must educate and encourage our experts to simultaneously and sincerely work on their own healing and transformation.

The Self-Healing Dalian Method Facilitators (SHDMF) are professionals who have courageously looked into and worked with their own unconscious fears and limiting beliefs. They are the people, who, in spite of their training with traditional concepts have taken the courage to step out of the ‘norm’ because they have realized that something is fundamentally missing in their institutional education. Instead of receiving and giving ready-made answers these extraordinary pioneers have taken the courage and responsibility to find true answers within themselves and walk their talk with integrity.

What the world needs most at this time is self-healing and self-responsibility. To me, these two components, along with training in self-awareness are essential in the advancement of our education and health care systems. This fundamental understanding and approach in healing and spiritual transformation is what makes the Self-Healing Dalian Method and its facilitators pioneers in creating a fertile foundation for meeting the needs of our evolving humanity.

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  • Thank you Mada for our DAY 1 of the SHDM Facilitator Training! I am beginning to understand how this method truly can bring a radical shift in how we approach ‘health care’ by putting the keys to one’s well-being into each person’s hands. We all take responsibility for ourselves!
    I am thrilled to be one of the first 11 facilitators to share this light-speed Self-Healing Dalian Method. Working with you Mada has been the most joy-filled and transformative time in my life. SHDM has brought me from confusion and self-doubt to clarity, strength and trust in myself, and I feel deeply grateful to be able to share your creation with the world. Let’s rock’n roll!

    • Mada says:

      Yes, time to Rock and Roll and we are going to have lots of fun too! Please remind me to tell everyone tomorrow of date change from May 9 to 8 at 5 pm PST, which will be 8 pm EST.

  • Sandy Sernoski says:

    I am thrilled to have been accepted into the first group for the Self Healing DM Facilitator training. I came to this work at a critical point in my life journey. I had a heart attack in 2001 at the age of 36. I had heart spasms in 2003 and 2007. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 41 in 2007. I had surgery and radiation treatments but at my 5 year check up in 2013, the doctors found more atypical cells in my breast. Both biopsies were inconclusive and they wanted to do surgery again. Something didn’t feel right. I was an otherwise fit, healthy person with no family or genetic history of heart disease or cancer.

    Synchronistically, I came across Mada’s book. I read it and it resonated with me deeply. A few weeks later, I was sitting at her retreat in Joshua Tree and the experience changed my life. I had been doing years of therapy and alternative medicine. I worked with healers and energy workers. I realized I was looking for answers outside myself. I was looking for someone else to fix and heal me. With Mada’s guidance and the Self Healing Dalian Method I started to take responsibility for myself from the inside out.

    I canceled the surgery. My doctors used fear and scare tactics to try to get me to change my mind but I understood that my physical ailments were merely symptoms of a much deeper dis-ease in my body. I have worked with Dalian Method to release the unconscious thoughts, beliefs and conditionings that had been trapped my body and we’re making me sick and unhappy. It has been both an arduous and jubilant journey. It has taken courage and commitment to take responsibility for myself but the DM has empowered me to heal into greater awareness. It has been a journey of awakening and healing into more consciousness and more self love.

    I am honoured to be embarking on the Self Healing DM Facilitator training and being a part of a paradigm shift in health and wholeness for the whole human being. I look forward to sharing this amazing healing method upon completion of my training.

  • MATTANJA says:

    After experiencing medical school in Amsterdam and working on the ICU I am excited that I have found you, Mada.

    My inner work has had an acceleration of transformation since working with the Dalian Method and I am so grateful that I can participate in the SHDMF with the intention to include this in my practice as a doctor.

    We are blessed with the enormous gift Mada is giving to the health care system.

  • kindi gill says:

    So nicely articulated Mada.

    All too often in my life I have been seen as inappropriate and even irresponsible, when my own view on how my health should be handled differed to that the allopathic expert was suggesting.

    However, on balance I am very happy with the differing views, mine and that of the expert, because each time I felt unsatisfied I took matters into my own hands, did the research and found solutions that felt more compatible for me.

    I took responsibility for my own destiny and refused to just accept the status quo….even if the collective view was that the expert knew better and thus could be trusted….they could never know what I wanted. Only I knew that and for that reason alone the experts are unnecessarily burdened with a responsibility that they infact cannot carry. They too must be exhausted with the neediness of their clients and recognize that the current system for health is not working in its entirety. The “fix me” attitude is out of date.

    I am delighted to be included in the upcoming training as a Facilitator of the Self Healing Dalian Method. Sharing its wisdom feels like such a privilege.

    People in the upcoming world will be equally delighted with what this method has to offer………. lets spread this good news and thank you for creating it!

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