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The Cinderella Conditioning

Remember to witness even when you are in a positive happy state (not just when you are in a negative state). It is harder to witness when you are happy because behind happiness hides the ‘Cinderella’ conditioning. When you are happy, instead of just enjoying that moment of happiness you begin to worry about loosing it and think of how to keep it forever.

But life is a flux. Living ‘happily ever after’ is just a hopeful conditioning. It comes from a deeper part of you, which is not happy.

Because you’re not able to flow with life moment to moment, and have been trained to either negate the negative or change it into positive, the temptation is to try to hold on to the positive and turn it into a plastic flower.

In order to be in your being and be truly content each moment, you need to witness and disidentify from both the positive and negative polarities of the mind.

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Beautiful Shifts

We received an email from Lori sharing with us that she was very tired of all the things she had done and paid for which would get her to a certain place and then wham..back down she would go…She had been really struggling with what she came here to BE, and was questioning whether she was supposed to be here anymore.  She had searched and searched and almost at the moment when it seemed her life would explode into amazing beingness, again, back down she would go.  She said she was beyond tired and wanted to check out of here unless things started to radically change.

Mada suggested that she try the No-Yes active meditation so she would be able to access the issue in her body and the unconscious. This is what she wrote to us after trying the meditation:

“I am BEYOND grateful for being led to Mada…[While practicing the No Yes meditation] I was having all of these amazing insights about everywhere in this lifetime and past lifetimes where I have said “no.” I was having beautiful shifts during the “no” phase. Right about the time I was done with the no’s something would come up and I would start wailing again. I was seeing my hands being chopped off, eyes poked out, being burned alive at the stake.…why would I choose to step back into that again?  Moving through every one of the times when I said “no,” which yes did include in between lives which for me was “judgment” day.  They were all coming at me as glimpses. My hands got extremely hot…my upper lip started buzzing. After moving through all of those, I saw all of these beautiful amazing colors and saw my 3rd eye open. So many aha moments and huge shifting of energy and space. I am in an amazing place right now. I had such profound shifts during the meditation. I was utterly amazed.

 Thank you. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

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Protecting yourself from negative energy

Q: I recently received a question that many of you may also have:

I am trying to learn to protect myself from absorbing everyone else’s energy because it exhausts me. How do I keep an open loving heart, while still protecting my own internal balance from being offset by others?


A: The funny thing is that when you think how to be in your heart you are already out! When you are in your heart it does not matter what others do. What I would suggest is that it is better to be concerned about how to be a witness to all that happens inside and outside instead of trying to “protect” yourself. This is so you can see your ego-mind and understand that you are not your ego but only a witness. By trying to “protect” yourself you close your own heart and at the same time miss being in your full power and center. That being said, the best way to “protect” yourself is to find and be with people who are on the same wavelength and are supportive of you.


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Pain as a friend?

Until you find and erase the cause of your pain and illness everything is a band aid solution. The causes are hidden in your body and psyche. They have something to do with the unconscious thoughts emotions and beliefs repressed in your body.

Instead of trying to fix and repress pain, look at it as a friend who is trying to tell you something about how you are living your life. Pain is trying to help you become more conscious and aware of your life and what you do with it – are you taking risks and living  life fully or are you holding back by following your fears, beliefs, and conditionings? Whatever you hold back on living will create pain!

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Get ready to be moonstruck (again) this Saturday

An interesting post about a super perigee moon this Saturday.

I personally look at everything outside of myself as an opportunity to become more conscious about something hidden within me. I encourage you to look at this, as well as other planetary occurrences, as opportunities to see something inside yourself and expand your consciousness.

All these occurrences, including this super perigee moon on May 5th, 2012 will move and stir something in the water waves within your body, magnifying and bringing to the surface your hidden mysteries. These are good times and opportunities to learn surfing cosmic waves and realize that they need not be feared but could be fun to enjoy riding!

~ Mada

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