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US Elections & Three Signs of the Golden Age of Enlightenment— HEALING INTO CONSCIOUSNESS
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US Elections & Three Signs of the Golden Age of Enlightenment


Congratulations USA! Thanks to the selection of Donald Trump as your next president the WW3 will not happen and the blood of innocent people will not be spilled!

This is the manifestation of the vision I had in 1990, which I had posted last week from the epilog of my book “In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness.”

Just like in my vision, I knew that Trump will win the US presidential election and it will be a last minute surprise to everyone!

Russia and US, the two superpowers, can now work together toward the common good of mankind and to benefit the human race by creating a fresh new ground for brotherhood amongst nations.

I predict that Trump’s presidency will last 8 years, followed by the first US female president, Ivanka Trump. There is more that I can say here but that’s later.

Even though I do not agree with all of Trumps ideas (building a wall for example), I understand his blind spots and frailties as a human. But I can also see that he has been chosen as the right vehicle for the next phase of our evolution. He is the right vehicle because he has the vision, know-how, and sincere intention to correct what has been corrupt and only serves the elite. He has the sincerity of heart to create a ground for prosperity for all and a balanced growth in distribution of wealth.

Trump cannot be bought because he has a proven ability to create his own wealth. This is very significant because he will not be tempted to sell his soul for money and power! I also see Trump as someone who is capable to humble himself and learn, which is a great asset for any human being!

My personal sense as to why most politicians who have failed and fell into the hands of the power hungry war mongers is partly because they did not have the business skills and vision of how to create wealth on their own merit. They were puppets in the hands of the few, who preyed upon their human frailties. The war mongers don’t like humanity. They view humans as weaklings to be used and possessed.

We don’t need to create wars to boost economy and to live happy and healthy lives. This model has outlived itself! What we need now is for each person to transform their own insecurities and attraction to money, power, and control or to pain and suffering.

We must begin to live with consciousness of common good. The consciousness that understands that this planet is tolerating and sustaining everyone unconditionally, regardless of their actions, beliefs, and religious ideologies.

When we understand that it is our personal duty to do the same, and to care about the well-being of others the way we care about our own well-being, we can begin to deserve to be called human beings.

Now let me share what I feel are the three indications of when the Golden Age of Enlightenment will begun. 

(1) When USA and all world governments acknowledge the wisdom of the First Nations elders and their critical role in being the keepers (sustainers) of this earth. (The first sign of this could be around the corner if Trump stops the Dakota Pipeline project and implements clean, life-affirmative and non-invasive energy alternatives instead);

(2) When China frees Tibet and the world acknowledges the wisdom of the Tibetan Lamas who are the chosen keepers and sustainers of life on this planet;

(3) When the few rare mystics who visit this planet are not persecuted but honoured with reverence and respect as the great teachers who have come to help with our spiritual evolution.

When all these things happen and integrate in the mass psyche, we will see the beginning of the Golden Age of Enlightenment.

To help nurture our common future, everyone must begin to self-reflect on what is false and unkind within themselves, and begin transforming their manipulative and controlling behaviour into honesty, integrity, kindness, and self-responsibility.

I love this planet and I love the people who don’t just flatter with words but walk their talk without compromising their integrity and truth. I love the people who don’t just live to benefit themselves but also live to benefit others. And I  bow down to all the Buddhas who have visited this planet, and suffered greatly from our unconsciousness, while courageously and tirelessly working to help us wake up.

I am grateful to be alive at this critical time in history, and to witness the beginning of Grate Change. I feel that the time of preparation for the Golden Age of Enlightenment will now be lighter and easier.

We, the inhabitants of this beautiful planet, can truly turn this Earth into Paradise!

With Love,





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