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Seeing the World with New Eyes

With Eliza Mada Dalian’s upcoming Self-Healing Workshops in Minneapolis and Chicago soon approaching, Kari Hietanen shares on The Sheila Show what inspired her to host a Healing into Consciousness Workshop in her home town:


“Wow! I just started working with Mada last winter and the shifts in awareness that have already happened have been life-changing! I just knew I should sign-up for Mada’s 8 Week Healing into Consciousness Online Course when I came across her work last fall. I’m so happy I did because it’s lead me down the path of discovering repressed beliefs about myself and the world that prevent me from living life fully. This spring I attended Mada’s 10 Day Intensive with my partner as well as participated in Mada’s 8 Week Online Course, both of which have been transformational beyond words!

I’ve been on what I thought was a spiritual path seeking for many, many years and reading numerous books on consciousness, and Mada pointed me in a direction that I didn’t see, which was basically inward. She has helped me bring some very unconscious layers to the surface. I’ve been working through those now and it’s like I’m seeing the world with new eyes. I also have an awareness in my body, especially the lower chakras, that I have never experienced before. It’s AMAZING!

Because Mada has had such an impact on my life I’ve asked her to please visit us in Minneapolis because there are a lot of people who would love to experience her work! I hope you join me in giving yourself the eternal gift of healing and discovering who you really are!”

For details on the upcoming opportunities to Heal into Consciousness with the Groundbreaking Dalian Method, click on the links below:

Healing into Consciousness Workshop in Minneapolis, MN on September 30th

Healing into Consciousness Workshop in Chicago, IL on October 6th

To view Mada’s full calendar of events:


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A Sip of Soda…

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Get ready to be moonstruck (again) this Saturday

An interesting post about a super perigee moon this Saturday.

I personally look at everything outside of myself as an opportunity to become more conscious about something hidden within me. I encourage you to look at this, as well as other planetary occurrences, as opportunities to see something inside yourself and expand your consciousness.

All these occurrences, including this super perigee moon on May 5th, 2012 will move and stir something in the water waves within your body, magnifying and bringing to the surface your hidden mysteries. These are good times and opportunities to learn surfing cosmic waves and realize that they need not be feared but could be fun to enjoy riding!

~ Mada

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Nostradamus & 2012

Dear friends,

This is an interesting documentary about 2012:

I would like to comment on several points that the documentary does not cover, which I feel are very important points:
1. The image from Nostradamus shown on the far left, which is a drawing before his last drawing (see below) shows a necklace with an image of a full moon in the locket. Though this was not discussed during the video, Nostradamus predicted a coming of a world teacher, which the bible also predicted as the return of the Christ. Nostradamus identified this teacher with eight signs. According to John Hogue, the author of Nostradamus, who compared several teachers of the 20th century, only Osho fulfilled all the 8 signs. It is also interesting that Osho’s birth name is Rajneesh, which means the lord of the full moon, and, he initiated people into sannyas by giving them a mala with 108 beads and a locket with his photo.

2. The book of life being empty in the last drawing of Nostradamus clearly signifies the end of time as we know it and a beginning of a new era – the beginning of a new man and new woman with no past history. The new will have no church and no dogma to follow and no religious institutions. The new era will give each individual the responsibility for creating their own life and living in harmony with nature and all its creatures. The new man and woman will contribute their gifts and creativity to benefit all life on earth and not just their own needs and desires. 2012 is going to be the death of the old species of homo sapiens and the birth of the new species of homo spiritus!
3. The wheel in Nostradamus’ last painting is missing the spokes. The empty circle as in this Zen drawing represents consciousness. It is the emptiness within the universe and the emptiness within our being – as one. The Zen drawing on the far left shows the Milky Way – our spiral galaxy. When the Sun aligns with the Milky Way there will be an opportunity for mass transformation into enlightened consciousness. Those who have been preparing their body and psyche will be ready to experience it!
Osho says that Zen is the ultimate religion. I agree 1,000%! Zen has no gurus and no saviors – there is no one to follow but the Truth that resides within the empty core of your own being – this emptiness is the same emptiness that the Universe is made of. It is all there is!
Watch the video and contemplate over where you’d like to be when the sun gives you an opportunity to make a choice between the two roads that the Hopi drawings and predictions indicate. You have the power to make this choice!


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Congrats on Healing into Consciousness Radio!

Greetings from Istanbul!

Congratulations on your new program!!! I had the chance to listen to your first three programs. Even though I have already read Healing into Consciousness twice, I saw that I did still have many issues not really well-understood. So with this interesting weekly program I can review what I learned and even better understand at a deeper level how I can evolve.

I want to mention that expressing my thoughts and feelings out loud and then taking breaths while observing my breath had profound effect on me. I was someone who could not mediate at all, my mind would wander endlessly. (even my chiropractor had problems keeping it silent!) However with this very easy yet profound technique I did start making introspections very easily. And then started getting to know who I was really versus what I thought I was. I never had realized how much I had suppressed my real thoughts thus accompanying emotions. And how much by suppressing the real me, I was filling myself with shame and every time betraying my own being and needs. I want to thank you Mada for your method and detailed information provided in your book once more.

Now I feel very light and probably most of past issues are gone, completed. Now I feel feeling light is much more important issue than feeling happy or good after all those introspections I went thru on my own…

Oh, I saw your book had gotten a reward from Eric Hoffer institute (?). One of his quotes that had an impact on me I would like to end my msg with it!

“In times of change, learners inherit the Earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” Eric Hoffer.

Take care!


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Preparing the Way to Mada

“Since meeting Mada in the spring of 2009 in Toronto, and before reading her book – I had been reading and learning through Gregg Braden (the Spontaneous Healing of Belief) who established for me the relationship between and the power of:  thought and emotion combined. This then lead me to Dr. Bruce Lipton The Biology of Belief and Spontaneous Evolution. I feel they were preparing the way to Mada by providing the scientific theory supporting her Healing method. Before picking up her book, I also read Eckharte Tolle, whom although I understood, gave me the impression the Ego is bad versus Mada’s position that it is actually wounded and needs first to be healed before it can be transcended.

Simultaneously over the last few years, I have also been exploring the work of Dr. Paul Dobransky on Woman’s Happiness. (He works with Men too.)  I was specifically interested in his trademarked Mind Operating System program toward understanding emotion/thought in relationship to boundaries, through the process of observing ego. This is another aspect where Science and Spirituality seem to now converge. His comment in one of his seminars that psychological maturity – spiritual maturity further prepared me for Mada’s book as it likewise underscored the need for a healthy ego.”

– Dolores Halpin, Canada

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A light in the tunnel …

Hello Mada and Kindi,
After experiencing a 11/2 hr private session and a one day workshop, I would say the “results” I am experiencing are no less than miraculous. So many of my “symptoms,” both physically and mentally, have simply dissolved, or are have improved dramatically…. I feel a lightness, or freshness, like I am no longer carrying some great weight or burden. I am noticing a new clarity in my relations with others. My daughter of course responded immediately by mirroring my energetic shift with a shift of her own. I am also beginning to see as this first heavy layer of the onion is peeling off that there are many layers underneath (endless??). Instead of this feeling overwhelming, I have a sense of hope, finally a light in the tunnel (I won’t say at the end…)  I want to thank both of you from my heart for the work that you are doing, I feel a deep gratitude growing.
Meriel, BC Canada

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Healing generations of fear

For the past 7 years, I have been deeply immersed in gaining understanding of the realms of consciousness, enlightenment, source energy, human energy, and knowledge about my contract in this lifetime.  After reading Mada’s book and listening to her at a bookstore, my intuition said she was a true mystic and that I could learn from her.  As a result, I participated in a 3 day retreat with Mada and observed her helping about 20 participants discover much about themselves and enhanced their level of healing into consciousness.  Her abilities to reach at the core of people’s problems were astounding.  This was also the first time I was exposed to the active meditation of Osho, which I felt was a great tool.   My own understanding reached a culmination when I had a private session with Mada where I was able, with Mada’s help and mystical abilities, heal generations of fears that were embedded in the mass consciousness of my ancestors and in my being.  Simultaneously, the energies in my healing work resulted in a tremendous increase flow of energy in my body (Kundalini experience) and likely helped me fulfill one of my life contracts by releasing the fears that I tapped into.  I am now living more in a heightened state of joy and consciousness as a result of my connection with Mada.

Jerry B. Gin, Ph.D., MBA, Director at the Foundation for Mind-Being Research

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The work you are doing and your new book are an incredible gift …

Greetings Mada,

First of all the work you are doing and your new book are an incredible gift to me so, thank you! After reading and re-reading many of today’s popular spiritual books even though I was very present while reading them and practiced the inner awareness all day, most days I could still sense an internal blockage, but until I read your book I was not aware of what it is.

The way you illustrate the ego and how suppressed thoughts and feelings work in our bodies has likely kept me from chasing my tail for eternity. From reading about the shakras and the consciousness they represent I learned that most of my blockages are in my second and third levels.

After some introspection I have a sense that my ego is underdeveloped and wounded very deeply. I’d really like to work on becoming enlightened and attend your intensives. What I want to know is: If I am stuck in the lower shakras is transcendence of my ego unlikely in this lifetime? I really don’t believe in reincarnation at this point and the theory itself has added another blockage. Would attending an intensive be my best chance to work through these hidden layers I am not fully aware of yet?


Much love

SL, Vancouver, BC

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Your work really resonates with me…

I received the info on your phone sessions and have seen some of your work on “you tube” and ordered your book.  Your work really resonates with me. I  am one of those people who has tried “everything,” at least a lot of things. I think your remarks on the paradox of the strong ego being easier to put aside are really innovative and profound and helped me understand myself better. I have an autonomic nervous system disorder and I identified with a lot of your clients’ negative thought forms; I have an obsessive negative thought pattern. Anyway, I know the specifics aren’t important.

I’m not sure where all my negative thought forms are lodged, but do know the problem areas. I’ve been told I’m an easy read. I’m frustrated by my lack of progress in some areas and I think that for some reason no one who has worked with me really has a technique that accesses layers of unconsciousness and defenses. Sending me energy alone seems to overwhelm me and/or I don’t seem to be able to receive it.  I’m like the patient who you described who has the thought form “I need to work continuously on myself to heal.” The work has become an obsession in the last few yers and I want to be well and to experience life without fear and obsession.

My question is: I know it’s hard to tell before you work with a person, but after the initial 90 minute session and the homework, (which I imagine would be daily) how long would it be before I would have another session and how many on average do people require? I’m just concerned about cost and time. I gather some people make really significant progress after one session. Would my session be similar to those I saw on you tube involving the breath and identifying the negative thought forms?

Thanks again, and love and blessings to you. — MD, Westchester, NY

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Thank you, Thank you Thank you!!!

Oh Mada,

You have no idea how tremendous I feel today. I’ve always tried so hard to live in the moment, and have rarely been able to. Since we spoke [our session], I have been 100% here, reveling in this beautiful place called life.  I am eternally grateful to you. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!
I will keep you posted on my progress. Thank you again and again for all my future lives!! – S.M. (USA)

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Greetings !

I wanted to take a moment to say how much I am enjoying your book. I purchased it after you talk at East West Books in Mountain View, which I also enjoyed VERY much. You really put a new and bright light on information about the ego. I am so grateful to you  !!
And I look forward to a day when I can attend a workshop !

So, Thank You once again for this gift you have given the planet.
I am very grateful I heard you on the radio and got to East West that evening ….


Cathy (California)

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